Running: ‘To run is to fun’

To run is fun

A lot of people run to see who is the fastest

but I run to see who got the most guts.’

Most of us will like running when we are chased by a dog or so. But for some it is really fun.

To many it as a painful exercise but its an art of getting into furnace and coming out as hard as burnt brick, both physically and mentally.

Sometimes a question pop up, why to run? Well there may be different reasons for different people as in this fast forward world.

A rich man run to digest his bread

Whereas a poor man to have it.’

Life has become so hectic that people hardly give attention to eating habits and health. We humans, are constantly improving technology to make life simpler and easier but doesn’t its getting complex?

Life is to enjoy. Running is beautiful. There are bits of happiness is running. Running makes us realize to enjoy every single breath of life. Spending our day, we don’t realize our sub-conscious mind is busy in taking breaths, until we run.

Running gives hope. It teaches many thngs and improve personality. It tells the importance of each breath and even the water tastes best after running. While running, time seems to stretch and each second becomes long, there is constant war going on between head and heart whether to stop or keep going. Streams of thoughts come and go in mind, determination begin to shake, endurance shatters, every step feels like pulled by gravity of Jupiter. Most of the time a thought at the point of exhaustion ‘ Why the hell I am running?’ Heart says stop,stop but the purose, the aim in your heart gives you strength to go on, as they say

When the going gets tough,

The tougher gets going.’

Medically, its an exercise which have no alternative. Many health problems are cured just by running.

It improves digestive system, respiratory sytem, blood circulation etc., makes you fit and slim and the list goes on.

Well you can find many reasons apart from these. Its certainly a good way to keep both mind and body stress free, healthy and sound. Psychologically it gives you strength and makes you believe in you.

There is runner in everyone of us, you just need to explore it.

Remember, To run is fun and Life is to enjoy.


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