Workshop on “Road Safety Management, Black spot Analysis and Role of Engineering Intervention”.

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GNDEC Civil Department organized a workshop for students of civil engineering willing to work as road auditors in their summer vacations. This workshop is part of UN project of road safety aimed at taming the menace of road crashes. As data has indicated road crashes arose in the list of causing deaths.

The workshop began at 9:30 am at the consultancy seminary hall, GNDEC Ludhiana. Many renowned speakers graced the occasion like Er. Navdeep Ashija, Rupinder Singh, Harman Sidhu, Pritpal Singh and faculty of civil department GNDEC Ludhiana. All the presentations and technical speeches were beneficial to understand design, structures and problem related with wrong design of roads which lead to most of the accidents. As a student of civil engineer the field exposure is important and this project will give us experience about practicality about road planning and infrastructure development. Most importantly, it will be a service for society to make it a safe place to live in. Road crashes are preventable. So with the right action and proper knowledge we can tackle this epidemic. Statistics, previous road accident patterns, FIRs and local surveying provide multitude information about design errors. So collecting data and then arriving at solutions analysing that data in the design will be our purpose of this project.

Speaker Er. Navdeep Asija acknowledged us how to analise the black spots , Harman Sidhu made us realize the gravity of the problem by telling us his own accident experience which changed his life.

“So far, we dealt with the road safety intuitively but in certain areas we observed that the results were counter intuitive, and it became necessary for all road-safety agencies to look forward to the solutions holistically more by using scientific approach than being mere judgmental” said Prof. H.S. Rai.

Daily these kind of accidents happen which mostly end people’s life but we remain stoic. With this initiative we are hopeful of put a check on road crashes as they are preventable. The compiled reports and submissions will be submitted to district and state authorities for further action. This is just a small step towards road safety. We as road users have to behave sensibly and spread awareness to uproot this epidemic.


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