At the Advent of Enigineering Final Year


Well its hard to believe that our three years of degree have ended. Just one year more n we will be engineers.

Jee taan nai kar reha  par hun assi proffesional life wal pair pattan ja rahe haan…..

Yaar kyu na hun assi thoda serious ho ke apne aan wale future nu vekhiye. Bas hun ehi ik saal da samma hai jidde wich assi apna career decide karna hai. Eh vi sach hai ki bahutiya ne sadde wicho eh hi nai sochya hai ki assi ki karange agge.

I just want to share this …. ki lets challenge various exams like GATE , CAT , CDS , IES , ICS etc. so that we can win them. meh vi try kar reha haan. ho sakda ke assi shayad pehli waar wich na kaamyaab na hoyie but kadde ta hovange. je na vi hovange kuch kuch na kuch sikhange hi. As they say failure is not crime…but Low aim is crime.

Its time to groom our personality.Time to have a positive change.

U know we all r intellgent n have talent . bas we have to find dat within ourselves n ignite dat spark. Outside our campus the life is really harsh. bahut competition hai. may be we will realise wen we will pass out.

Frienz… lets use this time to d most…whether its training time or studying semester so that we can have some decnt job in our hands.

n frienz try to learn english also… menu vi bahut ghat aundi hai , but i m trying to giv my best in it. Bhavien punjabi saadi maan boli hai but naal naal english sikh ke assi punjabi bhulange te nai na…. so its better to have two language than one. As it is international language .. we should be fluent in it o that aleast we can express ourselves.

Our college , especially civil deptt. is also mentoring us. Our parents , our teachers n our college have lot of hopes from us. lts time to fulfill all those dreams.  For those who have training in 7th semester coaching classes are being arranged for GATE aspirants which will start from August. So those who would like to do higher studies ( Mtech) , they should attend those classes. Those who have other aims can work on their respective exams by having coaching or even without coaching.

I hope this coming year will bring loads of good news from my batch mates.

Wish u all d very best !!


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