Inspiration – Le clos and Michael Phelps


Le Clos after beating his Idol/Hero …. Phelps in 200m Butterfly Olympic event :

Le Clos was hugely emotional, crying on the podium, seemingly stunned by the magnitude of his achievement which saw the South African beat his idol by 0.05 seconds in 1:52.96.

He said: ‘This is a dream of mine, I have always said Michael Phelps was my hero.

‘I wanted to be in the final for my main event, I achieved that goal and my coach said you have done all you have to do.

‘But I just remember sitting in the call room thinking that Michael Phelps has never lost this race for 10 years in international meets.

‘I remember turning in the last 50 and just looking at him underwater and realising this is my hero, it’s crazy.

‘I can’t describe how I felt. In the last 25 metres, I can’t explain what came over me.’

‘I’ll have to try and defend my title in four years time, but to beat Michael Phelps is something I have wanted my whole life, it is exactly what I have been dreaming off since I was 12.’

P.S. : You can do anything, you set your mind to…….


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