There’s someone out there for me
I know she’s waiting so patiently
Can you tell her name
This lifelong search is going to drive me insane

How does she laugh, how does she cry
What’s the color of her eyes
Does she even realize, I’m here

Where is she,
Where is this beautiful girl
Who is she,
Who’s going to complete my world

I’m staring out at the sky
Praying that she will walk in my life
Where is the girl of my dreams,
I’ll wait forever, how silly it seems

I know you’re out there…..
Where are you,
I’m going to look all over the world baby
Because I know you’re out there
I know it might sound crazy

but I think I love you, so…..

Thank you in advance for the love you will give me
You will be there when nobody will believe me,
Thank you for all those times you’ll stand by me
Thank you for all the truth that you’ll make me see
Thank you for all the joy you will bring to my life
Thank you for all the wrong that you’ll make right
Thank you for every dream you made come true
I will be everything because of you.
Thank you for tomorrow
When you gonna call me
Thank you for the time
When you gonna see me
Thank you for the memories
We haven’t made yet
You have always been a part of me
Even before we met
You will be my strength when I will be weak
You will be my voice when I wouldn’t speak
You will Lift me up when I couldn’t reach
You will be my eyes when I wouldn’t see
You will see the best there will be in me
You gave me faith ‘coz you will believe in me.
I’ll be everything I am, because you will love me
I can see me looking at you
At the start of the day for all my life
I can see me dying to hold you
On the way when I âm driving home at night
I have got these pictures in my head
You make my songs alive from dead,
I have got these pictures in my head.
You’ll give me wings and make me fly
You’ll touch my hand I could touch the sky
I will lost my faith, you’ll give it back to me
You said no star was out of reach
You’ll stand by me and I stood tall
I will have your love I had it all
I’m grateful for each day you’ll give me
Maybe I don’t know that much
But I know this much is true
I will be blessed because I will be loved by you
I have all, you hâve wanted all of your life
Thank you for every single moment
I hâve gone through it all in my mind
Thank you for the best times
Thank you for the journey of life,
Thank you for times u will make me brave
thank you for the roses you will put on my grave.
Thank you for this lovely inspiration,

without you it would not have been to compilation !!

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