To wear or not to wear !

About three years back, When I was just into my first project in TCS,
I made one big blunder. In that youthful indiscretion, I did something that was so wrong!

I had asked myself so many times… To wear or not to wear … but I did eventually… I wore a round neck T-shirt to office…..
Trust me I didn’t know how big a mistake this was, until I was told that I had to go back and come in collared T-shirt. I mean really … Ask me to jump from this building I would do it …but trekking through traffic is worst in Bangalore ! This is even worst than listening to Tahir Shah’s Angel song.
All I wanted to do was to impress the female colleague in my team with my funky T-shirt. That T-shirt has all the words written on it which I wouldn’t have dared to say otherwise. And here, I wasn’t even allowed inside. Who the hell made that rule ?

Thanks to the Bangalore traffic … It was already the time for the lunch when I got back, and that pretty girl has already left for the lunch… with someone else. That day, She didn’t get impressed but I really got depressed. That day I really felt reverse gender discrimination and since then I have been meaning to vent out my frustration and I guess today is the right day… Why ?
You will get to know in a while.

First let’s talk about clothes !
I think there are two parameters in which women’s clothing range beats men’s clothing range hands down
Variety and Range of Colors ! Lets talk about variety …
I mean girls can wear any type, in many colors and whatever they want, be it salwar kurta, chudidaar-kurta, sleevless, leggings, jeggings, tops, skirts, saree, lehnga and trust five minutes will fall short for it. And the amazing part is they can label it so well, These are formals, these are party wears, these are for marriages, these for birthdays, these for anniversaries , these for toastmasters and what not !!
For us men it is pretty much one pair of dual purpose formals … Yeah ! We don’t mind wearing the same set of dresses to the parties even. (As if we have a choice)

Next is Range of colors – We men anyway know pretty less colors. Over that, bright colors are taken away leaving blue, black, white and their shades. How couldn’t we look monotonous. For Girls, life is so colorful. They carry rainbow colors to the office on their whims and fancies. I don’t think there is a color or shade which girls can’t wear to the office. The other day I saw a teammate wearing a multi-colored dress which we men can only wear in Goa and look cool but If we wear it to our workplace we would certainly be considered as fools.

As a matter of fact … Even in the most fashionable and expensive shirt, we would look as if we haven’t taken bath since the last winters.
Of course there are some exceptions such as Salman Khan .. but wait coz usually he doesn’t wear one.

And I don’t even want to start with accessories …
Women know how much is there to choose from and how different they can look by wearing all these clothes and accessories.
May be that’s why shopping is a therapy for women and a tragedy for men. Men are not even allowed to keep long hair or funky hair styles or not even experiment with their beards. All these differences and discrimination become even more stark at the workplace. What is the reason for such idiotic segregation? There should be some explanation for that. I am still waiting for those ‘Pajama Leaks‘ which will lift the viel from this mystery. I hope soon we will have our ‘Azaadi‘ … Azaadi of wearing whatever we want… Azaadi of keeping whatever hair style or beard style we want.
But at the same time let the differences be, coz Isn’t men are from Mars and women are from Venus !

Oh ! By the way …
Just few days back, after so many years !
I am asking myself that question again …To wear or not to wear my fav. round neck Tshirt which can say things which I can’t from my voice box.
And yes you are right. A new girl has joined my team !!

PS : Never let the truth come in between a good story :p


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