About Last Night


It was a stroll in a silly street of dreams,
In the musical magic, and the lights so ecstatic, how you shined,
In that limelight, not only in hindsight, you were divine!

On this long road to Neverland,
There was a whisper, of melody, of glee,
But you were far, far away from the horizon!

And it was a scary night,
In a wrapped space of hazy emotion,
you were like a firefly, a butterfly, elusive from all the fuzzy commotion!

But I still followed you, to the point of a free fall,
In an attempt to touch your voice, every sound, it’s every beat,
I am not sure, what to forget and what to keep!

But it’s okay,
This life is random, as random as we can conceive,
Let’s not wait, and dive in, to the fathomless deep!


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