Life is a passion for me… for most of us it is !!
to me life has been a mystery and me like a like a curious child always tried to explore it in as many directions as i got the opportunity. I have many interests and do many activities . so trying to jot down under :
I really love travelling . Everyone travels but most of the people did it out of boundations.
I once read somewhere that ” See everything as if you are seeing it first time or the last time and you will find everything very exciting . “ and really after that i feel enjoying every moment ,every place,every glance ;
Earth is very beautiful and i had to wish Explore it. I wish life could just give me that chance.

Music, there is no substitute to you :
Thoughts and emotions lying deep inside, you begin to feel;
Eyes get wet, heart melt and springs emotions so genteel,
The pains and wounds, which are inevitable, magically heal;
n you are ready to cherish life with refreshing zeal !!
Music…. if i would have written it 6 years before , then Music would not be the interest i would have been writting .
My interest in music developed eventually.
There is quite funny anecdote about it…….
When i was in 8th standard :
On the republic day or independence day our school used to have Mass PT (physical training) show, and i hated it a lot.
So, what i did i ran from there and joined school band but that i didn’t like that either. but just for the sake of runnig out of PT i have joined it. Luckily there was no band master then, so after the threat of PT was gone , i left band also.
After few days our principal assigned new band master and he started gathering students for band
and some boy had told that i was in band. So he called me many times.
I didn’t go for practice. Then one day he called me. I denied him. He took me to band room and thrashed me with
instrument of beating the drum, he thrashed me in the same manner. Out of fear i started practice, my ineterest in music developed.
The notes of music was really great and i was amazed to hear the 7 notes and its various compositions.
Band master was really talented and i developed a taste of music .
Due to it i got a chance to participate in REPUBLIC DAY PARADE (NEW DELHI, jan – 2004) .
Now music is real passion for me, “MUSIC IS MY SOUL”. Now i love to sing and dance……and it has really made a lot of difference in my life !!!!
Here is my voice in a video>>>
3. Daily Diary Writing
I started it on 1st jan. 2012 by taking a resolution to write in daily.
Here my thoughts engraved in scrap,
coz its only words and words I only have !!
One of my Best friends …
My daily dairy ‘Anne’ !!
This word was alien to me since Eleventh class. That’s when i think of taking this challenge.
……. to be continued …..

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